Monday, 4 February 2013


This is our very first blog so bear with us as we work our way around the website... this is our ''Get To Know Us' blog :)

We can't wait to get stuck into the blog-world, so let's get started...

We are twin sisters who study French at Kent University

Our names are Asena (left in the photo) and Leyla (right in the photo). We are 22 years old and we have a passion for all things that feel good, smell good and look good included ;) which is ultimately the reason why we decided to start our own blog!

As there are two of us, you can expect there to be double the enthusiasm and double the passion for products we feel you should know about. Afterall, we've pretty much shared everything in our lives so far so why not share our secrets with you? 

2013 is the year to spread the word !!