Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Something everyBody's gotta know

Hi lovelies! It's me Leyla :)

I don't know about you but I'm dealing with an oily face and a dry body these days ...go figure.. :P  Here are a few of the products I thought I'd share with you what I use to keep those ashy elbows and knees at bay in this drab weather! :)

I've been fairly addicted to this Body/face thermal wash fom Avène (£8 from Boots/superdug). I think it's fab for three reasons:
  1. It's a two in one wash, so great for those of you who want to save a bit of cash!
  2. It is perfect for sensitive skin and contains no alcohol or parabens!
  3. It's a great for adding a little extra moisture in the winter months and to keep that flakey skin away!

(also if you're a language buff like me, you'll appreciate the french/spanish lesson on the front of the bottle :P)


I'm also loving this Body Butter from The Body Shop which was gift from our bestie, Sarah, (follow her blog here for quality fashion banter)

This is the Vanilla scented Body butter. I believe you can also get it in cocoa butter too.

For 200ml, you really get a lot of use of this pot! And if I hadn't used it so much already, I would have taken a picture of the inside. It is a DUO pot, so on one side, you have a formula for dry skin (great for those dry knees and elbows) and normal skin (great for all over).


 Yes it's cold out, but walking up to uni sure does take it out of me! So, here's a deoderant I thought you'd like to know about as I've tried loads of deo brands in my life from Simple to Dove to Bionsen.

 It's a 48 hour deodrerant by Vichy (50ml, £8 Boots/Superdrug). - Yes it's pricey for a deoderant but unlike other roll ons, the product doesn't dribble out...You really don't need a lot in order to keep "sweaty betty" at bay which is a result for those of you like me who have class all day most days! 

I also try to buy as many 'paraben free' products as I can because, well, they're more healthy for your body... so it's a bonus that this deo is paraben/ fragrance and alcohol free which is GREAT for my sensitive skin!

Thanks for your time! and be sure to catch our next blog featuring our ZARA HAUL!

(Leyla) BrandTwintyTwo

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